Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education and its variations of STEAM or STREAM, brings an integrated learning approach towards building STEMcapable skills required for the future. There are various approaches to implementing STEM in schools, and whatever approach fits with your school’s vision, OESS can help in the design, resource selection, curriculum alignment, teacher training and implementation.

Defined STEM help you create an engaging environment for your students that empowers them to build the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in college, careers, and life. Adding Defined STEM to your school will give you access to our curriculum, rubrics, assessments, professional development, and ongoing program support.

STEM helps students apply what they have learned on a deeper level and develop skills that will make them successful in college and beyond. Each performance task provides the student with a unique and creative opportunity to transfer their knowledge into a real life scenario utilizing “hands on” projects.

OESS empower students to develop the critical knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an evolving world. Our solution is designed to provide schoolwith the tools they need to implement and assess engaging real-world project-based lessons that connect classroom content with career pathways. We achieve this by providing teachers with interdisciplinary project-based lessons built around careers that provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and deepen their understanding.

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What Makes OESS Unique?

Unlike other Engineering training programs that are based on opinions – Innovation in Engineering is grounded in over millions of Innovation and Innovators. Our Course curriculam for Training Programms are so significent to the current Industy needs.