What Makes OESS Unique

Unlike other training organizations OESS training has been designed to be scalable in a cost efficient manner. Our network of providers provide train the trainer programs where your team teaches and certifies your Teachers and employees. Recognizing the unique needs of each company culture.

Our founder has received doctorate degree in Engineering and Technology and have more than two decades of experiences in teaching, Research and Industry in Multidiscipline Engineering. Our Faculty Members and Engineers are well trained and have deep Knowledge in respective demine.

OESS programmes has been optimized to provide hands on training in real world application. OESS gives you methods for creating big ideas. But learners point to the fact that we  doesn’t “abandon them” with just a raw idea. The curriculum provides data driven methods and tools for helping them communicate / sell their idea and to commercialize / accelerate their idea into reality.

Learners of OESS learn how to think faster, smarter and more creatively. And this involves not only close in “CORE” Innovations but also breakthrough, patentable “LEAP” ideas for products or services.

We are Specialized in